About Us


Company History

Founded on the principle of unyielding customer service, Crescent Air Freight is proud to be celebrating its fourth decade of superior global logistics services to the world’s leading businesses.

Since 1977, we have consistently delivered superior handling to meet the mission-critical needs of America’s largest exporters while maintaining the unsurpassed quality standards of a small business with global reach. Through our years of experience in working with multi-national clientele, we have developed and continue to apply market-leading best practices to all our service offerings.

Mission Statement

Crescent Air Freight’s mission statement and guiding principles are expressed in two words: BE DIRECT. This ethos manifests itself in every aspect of our logistics services, such as:

  • Direct Flights & Sailings
  • Direct Communication with Customers and Vendors
  • Direct Pricing: No Hidden Charges
  • Direct Responsibility for all successes and failures

Maintaining these standards has been the key to our success over the past three decades.

Global Reach

With a continuously expanding network of company-owned, joint venture and agency offices, Crescent Air Freight offers a truly seamless global service.

Destination services throughout the world include:

  • Door-to-Door service
  • Customs clearance
  • Local government agency processing
  • Inventory management, storage, and distribution services

Developed to the exacting standards of our leading clientele, our services are designed to operate with maximum efficiency.

Local Commitment

Crescent Air Freight maintains a very strong commitment to working with local vendors in all markets.

Through our decades of experience, we understand that no one knows an area better than a local business and no one can serve our clients better than a small business. For these reasons, Crescent Air Freight is deeply committed to local vendors and small businesses around the globe.