title_electronicsAs a shipping category, “Electronics” is a vast market – however, having over three decades of industry experience has enabled us to develop customized solutions for consolidation and transport. The services we offer include:

  • Consolidated ground delivery service within the U.S.
  • Freight consolidation services at all major gateways
  • Multiple weekly scheduled air freight consolidations to manage the balance between time sensitivity and cost efficiency
  • Premium and Guaranteed air freight services for shippers seeking to maintain low work-in-process inventories

Our clientele in the electronics market range from exporters of small, high value goods such as printed circuit boards and memory chips, to exporters of large plasma screen monitors and televisions. In addition, we manage the supply chain requirements for some of the world’s largest computer equipment exporters and buyers. The capabilities we’ve developed to support these customers allow us to offer complete, end-to-end solutions for your electronics and hi-tech cargo.