For U.S. importers searching for a secure global partner to manage their entire supply chain, Crescent Air Freight provides true end-to-end solutions. Our key services include:

  • Comprehensive service and infrastructure in the world’s major sourcing markets such as China, India, Korea and Western Europe
  • Agency agreements, partnerships, joint ventures and direct ownership of premiere service providers in all international markets
  • Full import services including shipping and customs clearance at all major ports within the U.S.
  • Domestic delivery service to most inland points within the U.S.

The combination of our standardized delivery products and our industry knowledge allow us to provide key logistical services to import-oriented industries such as apparel, consumer retail, pharmaceuticals, electronics and accessories amongst others. Specialized import services include:

  • Laboratory testing services for food & food-related products
  • Petitioning of U.S. Customs for duty rebates, binding & non-binding rulings
  • Temporary Import/Carnet services
  • EDI capability

As American businesses increasingly engage in two-way trade, Crescent Air Freight stands ready to deliver effective solutions for these demands.