From “pick & pack” of retail goods to warehousing in overseas markets, Crescent Air Freight offers an extensive range of logistics services developed over the course of nearly four decades.

Our tailor-made solutions for major U.S. exporters and importers have been applied to requirements such as

  • Positioning of inventory for new brand introductions or market share shifts
  • Arranging temporary import/export clearances for sample or trade show merchandise
  • Storing, shipping and documenting R&D materials for research and testing purposes
  • Packing and preparation of sensitive and perishable items such as foods, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals

Our solutions are creative, highly focused, and intensely customer driven – let us put them to work for you.


Demand planning, forecasting, lead time assessment, hazardous materials training and documentation, and many other solutions have been implemented by Crescent Air Freight over the past several decades.

Some of our most innovative solutions have included:

  • Development of a hazardous materials training and documentation program for a major exporter of flammable liquids
  • Air capacity, truck positioning and complete project planning for a major market share expansion initiative for one of the world’s largest food companies
  • Development of shipping schedules, shipping processes and lead time management for several exporters
  • Coordination with US and overseas health bodies for ongoing trade programs in the fields of foods and pharmaceuticals

At Crescent Air Freight, we maintain a very thoughtful approach to the needs of each individual client, and understand that “pre-packaged” solutions often fall short of goals and expectations. Consult with us on your specialized needs to see how we can deliver a smart and cost-effective solution for your international trade.