The Traffic Managers Tip Sheet

Are you a Traffic Manager in the know?

traffic manager shirtManaging traffic is one of the most important roles in the logistics industry.  When a shipment of car parts is delayed, a pallet of iPhones is misrouted or the authorities come calling about a compliance issue, it’s the traffic manager who usually has to face such matters before anyone else in the organization.  A traffic manager is essential to ensure these types of incidences do not happen. To be successful, traffic managers have to juggle many tasks while also being knowledgeable and up to date on anything and everything that may affect freight movements domestically or anywhere in the world.


While every organization has its unique requirements in terms of freight handling, compliance, key performance indicators (KPI’s) etc., here are some details which are relevant to all traffic managers:


traffic manager cta

  1. Freight Density – How do you calculate freight dimensions?
  2. Costs – What are all the costs included those that are hidden as well as landed costs?
  3. Equipment – What size and type of container is needed?
  4. Demurrage – How can you avoid demurrage costs?
  5. Compliance – Are you aware of all the compliance regulations?
  6. Options – When should you move freight by air, by truck, rail or ocean?
  7. Cargo – Do you know if your freight is hazmat?
  8. Risks – Earthquake, strike or electrical outage, are you prepared?
  9. Incoterms – What are the terms of sale?
  10. Industry Trends – What are the industry trends and outlook?


To help the traffic manager, we’ve created a handy infographic with links to additional information for each tip to serve as a daily reminder that you can download here.

Check it out and let us know what you think.  Did we miss anything?  Send us additional tips and we’ll compile the additional tips for a later blog post.

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